Our Leadership

Kathleen Huddy

Quality & Compliance Officer

Kathleen’s extensive knowledge of textiles makes her the right person to lead our product performance testing as well as the one we can turn to for advice on getting a jelly donut stain out of a shirt. She works with a network of labs to assure that everything we create complies with or exceeds industry standards and guides our marketing team in crafting verifiable product claims.

Prior to joining MindsInSync, Kathleen was the Director of Textiles for The Good Housekeeping Research Institute, where she managed a textiles lab and evaluated products ranging from apparel to luggage. She also wrote product reviews for the magazine. Before that, she developed womenswear fabrics at The Wool Bureau and was a buyer for Mercantile Stores. She holds a B.S in Consumer Sciences from Miami University of Ohio.

As the daughter of a military officer, Kathleen moved 15 times before she turned 18, landing in places as exotic as Hawaii and Cuba. Today, she enjoys living in one place—New Jersey. She loves to garden and pursue outdoor activities with her three very active sons.

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