Our Leadership

Jill Fisher

Co-Founder/Senior Vice President of Creative, passed away on Nov. 7 after a long battle against cancer.

Jill grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio and earned a BFA from the University of Cincinnati. A career in graphic design led her to New York City. After holding positions at Liz Claiborne, CVS and other companies, she formed Fisher Design. Later, she co-founded Mindsinsync, Inc. to design, manufacture and distribute soft and hard goods for the home.

Those who knew Jill Fisher know a person who lived a full life. Jill had a deep appreciation for her design work and partnership in Mindsinsync. I will remember her by her kindness and enthusiasm that exuded the infectious laugh that warmed us all. As a business partner Jill was there for the good times and the bad and understood the paradoxical nature of life and would encourage us to mourn and at the same time celebrate all the memories she left with us. Her skills and more importantly her presence will be missed.

lain Scorgie (President and CEO)
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